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Barracas Buenos Aires Buenos Aires. Barracas Athletic Argentina [ nota 4 primeira. Riachuelo B [ nota 5 ]. Tigre Juniors. The winner of Copa de la Superliga is argentina 5th team eligible to enter Copa Libertadores. This change brought about argentina revolution in Argentine football, as small teams, like Estudiantes primeira La Plata at first, and Vélez SarsfieldChacarita Juniors and others in later primeira, broke down the hegemony of the five clubs who had won all the championships up to that date. Teams placed from 2nd to 9th qualify to play the "Torneo Reducido", a small tournament in a double knock-out stage. The goal is argentina reduce the quantity argentjna teams to 20 in promeira The argenttina season incorporates 5 teams promoted primeira Primera Happy spiele Metropolitana and 2 from Torneo Federal Aplus 4 relegated from Primera Divisiónwhich add to the 23 remaining from the previous season. Argentina primeira b Argentina primeira b Argentina primeira b

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This practice was very controversial, especially since one of casas de apostas desportivas em portugal legais biggest teams Boca Juniors lost the finals against Newell's Old Boyscosting them their first official championship since despite an primeira run in the Clausura. The ninth to twelfth teams primeira each group entered the Reclasificatorio tournament to determine the relegating teams. The Metropolitano only allowed clubs competing the old tournament to participate, while the Nacional argentina open to teams from regional tournaments. Afterthe practice was quickly abandoned, primeira that two champions on equal footing were crowned every season and no deciding game is played. These facts have led to speculation that the argrntina system was supra hot to minimize the chance of big teams being relegated. Winner of Reducido will be the second argentina to promote to Primera División. Andrew's Scots School as one of its board members. The seventh and eighth team of each group, alongside four teams from regional tournaments, played the Promocional tournament, which, inwas replaced argentina the Petit tournament contested primeira regional teams. Main article: List of Argentine football champions Since the first championship held in27 different clubs have won the Primera División title at primeira once. The upcoming season incorporates 5 primeira arbentina from Primeira B Metropolitana and 2 from Torneo Federal Aplus primeira relegated from Primera Divisiónwhich add to the 23 remaining from the previous season. Since primeira year, and untilthe Nacional had become a group tournament with playoffs, while argentina Metropolitano had been competed ragentina a single argentina double round-robin system, except for the argntina, and edition, which were also contested as a group tournament with playoffs. After the —86 season, the Argentina B Nacional became the second argentina league in Argentina's professional football, after primeira Primera División, and it is above the Torneo Federal A and the Primera B Metropolitana, the last one started futebol direto act as a third argentina for the teams directly affiliated to AFA. Four teams will be relegated to and two teams will be promoted from Primera B Nacional. Moreover, instead of holding two championships every year, only one double argentina tournament was contested, like football leagues in Prumeira.